Total Performance Physical Therapy named one of best in the country!

Recently Total Performance Physical Therapy was named one of the top physical therapy practices in the country.  Advance physical therapy magazine scours the country every year for the best and most innovative physical therapy programs, looking at patient care and satisfaction and what clinics do to set themselves apart from every other clinic in the country.  Once again Total Performance was named one of the top physical therapy companies in the country.  The following is the article:

Below is the article:

Total Performance Physical Therapy, North Wales, PA

Total Performance Physical Therapy is a two-location practice outside Philadelphia.

Owner Heather Moore, PT, DPT, CKTP, comes from a sports background. Her interest in physical therapy began at the University of Maryland College Park, where she was a scholarship Division 1 swimmer and water polo player. She went on to receive her master\’s degree in physical therapy at the University of Maryland Baltimore and DPT from the University of Maryland Baltimore.

\”Total Performance is leading the charge on changing the expectations that people have when they come to physical therapy,\” Moore said. \”We provide manual therapy to 99% of our patients because working with our hands makes people better, faster. We schedule appointments every 20 minutes, so each PT is only seeing at most 3 patients an hour with 40 minutes for an initial evaluation so the patient has ample time with their therapist.\” \"\"

Each patient upon arrival is greeted with a friendly hello and can help themselves to a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, what Moore describes as \”The Disney Experience.\” On their first visit, patients receive a presentation folder where all of the information is given out pertaining to the practice. A business card with the owner\’s name and email are placed in each folder. Personalized notes thank them for coming, and Moore personally meets each client. The folder is then placed in a handy bag that can be used at the grocery store and outside of the clinic.

\”We use no assistants as you should be seen by the highest degreed professional at each visit,\” said Moore. \”We also highly encourage and make sure we do our part to ensure that the patient is seen by the same therapist at each visit to ensure the fastest and best results. Everything is computerized so we make sure that everyone, doctor and all medical professionals are in the loop on the patient\’s care. The therapist then does a thorough initial evaluation then using the latest iPad apps and explains to the patient in great detail exactly what their injury is and how Total Performance is going to help.\”

One difference-maker at Total Performance is its private pool.

\”The locker room are enclosed in a room with the pool so no one ever has to walk across the clinic in their bathing suit, and they are completely away from the rest of the patients so they do not have to be self-conscious about being seen in a bathing suit,\” Moore said. \”When you come out onto the floor most patients take the time to get to know each other\’s names. It helps with the comradarie and the patient\’s experience and the healing.

In just over four years of operation, Total Performance has grown over 25% each year in revenue. Cash programs continue to expand, and include personal training and massage. The practice has grown to include three full-time PTs plus 11 ancillary staff. Moore\’s blog receives over 1000 hits per day, and a YouTube channel showing exercises and stretches has generated 55,000 views. Moore writes for a large local periodical and the practice is a steady presence at local runs and fitness events.

Finally, Moore stresses the manual-first philosophy at her practice.

\”Almost every patient that comes to Total Performance receives manual therapy, as that is an important part of healing and the rehabilitation process,\” she said, adding that each patient receives their therapist\’s personal contact information. \”Each patient leaves with a booklet explaining their injury and a home exercise program. In addition they are given the therapist\’s e=mail so that they may contact them at any time.\”

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