3 Things Never To Do If Your Back Hurts

80% of Americans suffer with back pain.  It is important to understand that there are 3 things that should not be done if you suffer from back pain, back spasms or even just back stiffness.

The first one is Lay Down, this seems to be the go-to for people when they have back pain, they want to somehow they sometimes they feel it lock up so they will kind of lay down for a little bit trying to relieve some of the pain and they are able to get up of the position that they locked up in even if that’s the case and you’re able to move after a while, you want to make sure that you get up and you start to walk around, you don’t go lay down on the couch. Back spasms and back that’s locked up      or do so because muscles cramp up with the exact same time so you want to make sure that you don’t move or you don’t just go in the couch and sit there for a long period of time, once you get out of spasm, once you are able to move you want to lightly walk, you want to have blood flow to the muscles again. Laying down is only going to restrict the muscles and restricting blood flow it’s only causing spasm more, if you continue to lay down for gauge, your muscles are also going to continue to lose strength and that’s going to make the back vulnerable for significant damage to discs and other structures that are going to be permanent so spasm may seem like the worst thing there are other things that you can cause by laying down that are going to be worst and are going to be permanent and it will not be fixed by just laying on the couch. Laying down restricts the blood flow to the muscles so it will feel good for a while but overall you actually make things much worst, second thing you should never do when your back hurts is bend over at the waist, now less I know everybody’s hurt before lifting at the waist and bending down to pick something up is bad for your back but how truly bad is this from your back, well it’s the highest amount of pressure you can put in to your disc so highest pressure you put on your disc when you bend over to pick something up, I don’t care it’s a pencil or a piece of paper a child, a 10 pound bucket, I felt with anything, it is the highest amount of pressure you can put on your discs when you bend over and you pick something up, you want to squat to the ground and a lot of people finding squatting difficult because their legs are not strong enough to do so, this in itself is a problem but it needs to be worked on, squat into the ground is always the best way to pick something up, you want to squat down draw the object near your body and then stand up and you want to lift from the legs, if you don’t squat you’re going to cause the back to go to further spams, instead of using your legs and the muscles that are truly designed to lift things up the floor you’re going to put other structures in danger like your discs, like your joints, those things are not going to be fixed by laying down, sometimes it’s not going to be able to be fixed at all, spasms are not the worst thing that can happen to the back so while it sucks and you have a tough time getting off the floor or whatever position you’re stuck in unfortunately for you that resolves itself after a little bit of time and you’re able to move again but it is not the case when you have a disc problem or something like that goes wrong in your back which is what will happen if you already have signs of back pain and you continue to bend at the waist, something will go much more wrong and then you’re going to be left wondering why and you’re not going to even walk properly or move properly.

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The last thing you don’t want to do if you have back pain is sit for long period of time, again some people will say, yeah I know well if you know you should be doing it sitting for long period of time but it worked it only goes to work and they sit in front of their machines and they think this is okay but this will only makes back pain worse, it decreases the blood flow to the are at the back and probably will most often after 15 minutes you find yourself with your neck in poor position, your shoulders in poor position so not only do you risk sitting for 15 longer than 15 minutes and really hurting yourself you whined up with a lot of other structures that can be injured and a lot of other things that can be hurt and when I say when you stay here for 15 minutes this doesn’t mean every 15 minutes you have to get up and you have to have a trip to the vending machine where you have to take a trip down hall, you literally just stand up and walk around your desk and sit back down, I know we all get something to our machines and we whined up working for hours and all of a sudden hours passed put a timer on your machine, put some reminder on your machine to stand up so that pops up where your watch pops up and tells you it’s time to stand up. Pain that is felt after standing up for that stiff feeling is the signs of the back pain is getting worst, most people ride of that stiff feeling they think it’s not a big deal and the problem is is that that is the first warning signs that your back is hurt, your back needs attention so ignore those warning signs because this is what I see in my office when people come in and they say you know what I don’t know what happened I literally went down one day and pick up a piece of paper and I couldn’t stand up anymore now there’s numbness and tingling and all these things you know, once I start to talk to them and dig deep and I say did you have back pain or stiffness when waking up or sitting for long periods of time, everyone says yeah I did I remember that, that is the first warning sign that you are on your way to chronic back pain so you want to make sure that you are getting up every 15 minutes even if your desk is in good position even if your desk is ergonomically correct you want to make sure that you still get up every 15 minutes because sitting is one of the worst things that you can do for your back.


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