October 2016 Total Performance Featured Athlete – Hatfield Ice

October 2016

Meet Ashlynn!

What do you like to do outside of figure skating at Hatfield Ice?

Ashlynn likes to read books and hang out with her friends. She is currently reading the book \”White Fang\” but does not know the author of it.

How long have you been training at Total Performance?

Ashlynn has been training for the past 2 months and has been seeing improvements with her training. She noticed she has become stronger and her skating has improved.

How long have you been a figure skater?

Ashlynn has been skating for 9 years at Hatfield Ice

What is your dream?

Ashlynn wants to become a figure skating teacher. She would like to become a teacher at Hatfield Ice

What are your plans for Halloween?

Ashlynn and her best friends are going around the local neighborhoods dressed up as unicorns. Her favorite candy is also Swedish Fish

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