Patient Care Coordinator

Are you someone who wants to work in the medical field but never got a degree?  Are you someone that likes helping people?  Are you someone who likes talking to people?  Are you someone who is interested in making a difference in someone’s life?

If you replied YES to these questions, then apply for a patient care coordinator position at Total Performance Physical Therapy!

What you can expect as a Patient Care Coordinator :

  • A fast paced fun environment working with patients, therapists, billing and others to ensure the best possible experience for the patient
  • Helping coordinate care ensuring that we help the patient get better quick!
  • Being apart of a team who rolls up their sleeves and gets the job done! This is a small business, we all work together to get the job done!
  • Being a part of company that values their employees from lunches to dinners, to retreats we reward our employees for working hard for us!
  • Having a say in the company. Working for a small company gives you the chance to interact with the founder, Dr. Heather Moore, and sharing what is working and what is not working, helping to shape what the company looks like
  • Training and mentoring to make sure you understand the job. There are lots of moving pieces and having a mentor along with comprehensive training will help ensure your success as a team member.
  • A growth path. Whatever your thoughts are for the future we can help you achieve your goals!
  • A flexible schedule!

What we expect from our Patient Care Coordinators:

  • A friendly, fun and patient person. We are looking for someone who can keep a smile on even under pressure. Our offices can be very busy and having the right attitude even when things are crazy is a must.
  • A roll up your sleeves and get it done attitude. We look for people who will do what it takes to get the job done.
  • No drama. We are not a drama filled company. While we know things happen, we are focusing on the healing of the patient and cannot do that when there is a lot of drama
  • Professionalism. We expect that all of our patient care coordinators are friendly and professional at all times. We are dealing with people in pain and making sure that we maintain professionalism is a key to success at this job.
  • Punctuality. We are a small company so there is only one person doing your job so being on time is important in this role.
  • The willingness to learn. We are constantly updating things to make the company run smoother so the ability and willingness to learn is crucial to this job.

You do not need any experience to apply.

Job Details


Do you offer flexible schedules?

Yes! We like to work with our employees to ensure a good work/life balance.

How do you apply?

Click the button above or you can email your resume to

Will you be expanding?

Yes! We are always looking for opportunities to expand. Our motto is responsible growth, it is more important that we maintain excellent quality of care then it is that we expland.

Will I be able to get the days off I requested?

Yes! All of our employees have a team approach to their thinking so we all work together to make sure you get the time off you deserve.

Are there yearly reviews?

Yes! We want to make sure our rock star employees are rewarded for a job well done and we want to make sure that we stay up on to date on your goals and growth path. Therefore we give all of our employees yearly reviews.

Is there room for advancement?

Yes! You are coming in on the ground floor of a developing company. We have new opportunities emerging all the time as we continue to grow – from the front desk to the therapists – there is opportunity for growth everywhere! All you have to do is decide!

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