Should I Ease Back Into My Favorite Spring Activities?

At the tail end of a long, dreary winter, it’s no wonder you might feel a bit dormant. Maybe you’ve taken an extended hiatus from your workout. Or perhaps it’s been too cold to get steps in for quite some time. But as the weather warms up, everyone is anxious to be outside, get moving, and reinvigorate their exercise routine once again! But keep in mind: as the leading provider of physical therapy for sports injuries near Hatfield, Total Performance Physical Therapy knows that when you try to go from couch potato to all-star in a short burst of time, your body could suffer from the extreme change.

Whether you’re participating in a tennis tournament or going on a bike ride with your family, it’s important to take your time getting back into your exercise regime to prevent injuries. A reliable spring exercise program follows these guidelines:

Underestimate Yourself

At first glance, this may sound negative — but it’s actually for your benefit! Most people regress during the chilly winter months, even if they’ve stuck to a regular fitness regiment. If you skip out on easing back into your favorite springtime activities, you’re setting yourself up for muscle soreness and injury, which could sideline you for weeks. You may not feel pain the day after a tough workout, but a few days later, soreness may be significantly more present.

Modest Movements

If you’ve been sedentary for a while, you’ll want to start with an easy walking schedule and stretching routine. The slow, gentle movement helps prep your body for more intense activities such as tennis, gardening, and even golf. Start with just ten minutes every day or every other day for one week. Then increase to 15 the next time; then to 20. Consider breaking up sessions throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule!

Go Slow

We understand that sunny days are practically calling your name, but it’s still imperative to start slow. A trusted rule of thumb: never increase your weight, speed, time, or intensity more than 10 percent a week. So, whether you’re lifting weights, running a certain speed, or walking a particular distance, keep this metric in mind.

Stretch Out

No matter your activity or sport, including stretching in your routine helps you stay on top of your game. Competing in a tennis match? Focus on your arms and shoulders. Playing a round of golf? Stretch out your lower back, bending side to side and twisting left to right.

Keep Your Expectations in Check

The longer your break time, the longer you’ll need to get back on track. While this is more of a mental tip, patience is paramount in ensuring a pain-free spring full of your favorite activities!

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