Spring Into Shape: How to Shake Off Those Winter Hibernation Blues and Get Back to Your Workout Routine

We all try to stick to our workout routines, no matter what the circumstances are. But unfortunately, the shorter days and colder weather that accompany wintertime in our region can make working out a real chore. However, the temperature is beginning to rise, the days are getting longer, and swimsuit season is just around the corner. So, it’s time to kick it into high gear and get back into shape — but what’s the best way to start?

At Total Performance Physical Therapy, we’re the trusted provider of physical therapy rehabilitation in Hatfield, PA, and we’re committed to getting you back in the game, regardless if you\’re returning from an injury or just getting back from some downtime over the winter. If you’re wondering how to start regaining your fitness, we can help. Let’s take a look at how.

Start Small

It doesn\’t matter if you were deadlifting 250 pounds or running 10 miles a day before your winter hibernation kicked in — the chances are you’ll need to be humble and start small when you’re getting back into your workout routine. You can begin by taking it slow; dedicate yourself to working out two or three times a week until you make it a priority. After you\’ve established a solid routine, add a few days here and there to get yourself back to your previous fitness level.

Partner Up

While it’s not necessary to have a workout partner, it’s definitely beneficial to creating a successful fitness routine. Not only will it provide you with extra accountability for dedicating yourself to exercising, but it can encourage you to explore new types of workouts. For instance, if you\’ve been wanting to incorporate some strength training into your workouts but have been hesitant, or you’re looking to add cardio training to your routine, a workout partner can be ideal for keeping you motivated and focused on your goals.

Choose Wisely

Depending on your individual goals, current fitness level, and physical abilities, you should spend some time identifying your specific goals and how to achieve them. For instance, if you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, then full body workouts can be more efficient, especially when using compound movements. If you’re pressed for time, perhaps high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout would be more beneficial, since they can provide peak muscle building conditioning through shorter exercise durations. Regardless of your choice, it’s critical to choose a workout that you genuinely enjoy doing to reap the optimal benefits.

No matter what your fitness goals are, it’s best to have fun with your workouts and do the exercises you enjoy. This way, you can establish a routine that’s enjoyable, easy, and most of all — effective.

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