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Why Am I Dizzy (And Will It Go Away on Its Own)?

Do you find yourself getting dizzy doing everyday tasks, such as getting out of bed or walking down the driveway to get the mail? Have you noticed you are not as steady as you used to be? At Total Performance Physical Therapy in Hatfield, North Wales, and Norristown, we can help you figure out what is causing your dizziness and, more importantly, how to resolve it!

Dizziness, loss of balance, and vertigo can affect people of all ages and is a subject of concern for someone having difficulty performing household tasks, work-related activities, or sports performance.

For some people, the symptoms seem to start without any reason, but for others, they occur following an injury, surgery, illness, or experiencing the effects of the aging process. Many people have questions about their dizziness and physical imbalance but may not know a physical therapist can help.

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What is vertigo?

Vertigo is a common condition described as a sensation of motion or spinning. Often people who experience vertigo report an overwhelming sense of feeling off balance. For some, the description of symptoms include lightheadedness, nausea, or a feeling of the floor tilting. In more severe cases, it can lead to vomiting and falling.

It is essential to determine what is causing the condition. The most common causes include:

  • BPPV – is also known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. While this condition may sound scary, it simply means there is a problem in your inner ear. There are small calcium particles in your ear that tells your brain messages about your balance. When these particles are disturbed, we lose our balance.
    Fortunately, your physical therapist can teach you how to move them back to where they belong! BPPV can occur for no known reason and may be associated with age.
  • Meniere’s Disease – this is a disorder of the inner ear. It is caused by a buildup of fluid and fluctuating pressures within the ear. This buildup results in a loss of balance and a ringing in the ears.
  • Inner ear infections (usually viral) are also associated with vertigo.

Less often vertigo may be associated with conditions like:

  • Injury to the head or neck
  • Migraines
  • Medications
  • Stroke
  • Brain tumor

If you believe you may be experiencing the symptoms of vertigo, don\’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with one of our experienced physical therapists and let us help you figure out what is causing your problem and how to resolve it.

How can physical therapy at Total Performance Physical Therapy help improve my balance and dizziness?

Physical therapy is a standard treatment for vertigo, and our therapists are trained to help alleviate any dizzying, lightheaded, or physically unstable symptoms you may be experiencing.

Our physical therapists will perform a proper physical examination and take a thorough medical history to ensure we provide a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.

The primary goal of the assessment is to identify the specific cause of your dizziness and use a combination of manual therapy, balance exercises therapy, posture corrections, and education to help you resolve your condition.

The most common treatments will focus on:

  • Reducing vestibular symptoms through specific head and body movements and positions. These movements help restore the calcium deposits to alleviate your dizziness. 
  • Balance exercises and vestibular rehabilitation. Specific balance exercises and particular activities that focus on decreasing nerve sensitivity and reducing the effects of vertigo.
  • Postural education to optimize function. If you believe you may be experiencing vertigo, contact us today. We\’ll provide relief for all of your symptoms.

What to expect at Total Performance Physical Therapy in Hatfield, North Wales, and Norristown

Dizziness and loss of balance can hinder your daily life, limiting your ability to perform even the simplest of tasks. No matter what the cause may be, physical therapy for dizziness and vertigo can help. Our highly trained physical therapists successfully diagnose and treat both dizziness and vertigo with vestibular rehabilitation.

Physical therapists are experts in movement. Not only can we diagnose movement and balance problems, but we also focus on providing a personalized treatment plan that can help you feel more steady, experience less dizziness, and lower your risk of falling.

Vertigo is an unsettling experience. Fortunately, treatment is possible. With the help of a physical therapist, you can reset your balance and reclaim your life.

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The key to diagnosing the root cause of vertigo is found with physical therapy. Our physical therapists have the extensive knowledge needed to identify and treat the source of a patient’s balance or dizziness problems!

Call Total Performance Physical Therapy in Hatfield, North Wales, and Norristown today for a comprehensive assessment and learn what steps you can take to alleviate your dizziness and prevent further episodes!



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