Have you had back pain or sciatica in the last 30 days?

Did you have x-rays or MRIs that showed a herniated disc stenosis or arthritis?

Were you told by a surgeon, “You might not be able to walk in a year, if you don’t have surgery?”

If this sounds like you, then I’m sharing with you the 5 secrets that we have found in our research of back pain and sciatica sufferers who heal naturally and avoid surgery… 

  • Medications alter the body.
  • In the end, medications don’t correct the problem. They simply change how we sense it.
  • For example, if you have a stone in your shoe which can cause pain, inflammation or even and infection, you could take Advil, Aleve or an antibiotic… which, in turn, could cause other problems, which you might end up taking medications for as well.
  • In the end, you still have a stone in your shoe, and the cause of pain and inflammation.
  • The general story of back pain and sciatica sufferers who resort to surgery is this:
    • Number 1: Medications.
    • Number 2: Injections.
    • Number 3: Surgery.
  • Medications are the gateway to surgery.
  • People who avoid surgery first realize this and then aim to get off medications ASAP.
  • To find out how to get off medications click here.
  • X-rays and MRIs are used to help see what is causing pain, numbness or tingling.
  • They are limited though.
  • If you are 50 years of age or older and American what is the likelihood of stenosis, arthritis, or degenerative disc disease showing up on your x-ray or MRI? It is 95%.
  • Now 95% of Americans over the age of 50 do not have back pain or tingling.
  • They are limited though.
  • If you are 50 years of age or older and American, what is the likelihood of stenosis, arthritis or degenerative disc disease showing up on your x-ray or MRI? It is 95%.
  • Now 95% of Americans over the age of 50 do not have back pain or sciatica.
  • If you have back pain but nothing shows up on Xray or MRI or you have no answers with the pain that has shown up on Xray or MRI, click here.
  • So what’s the story?
    • Well, x-rays and MRIs are a picture of what is going on in the back… usually taken while we are laying down on our back.
    • When does your back pain or sciatica bother you the most?
    • When you are standing, walking, sitting, driving – not lying on your back like the MRI or x-ray, right?
    • It would be great if we could do MRIs and x-rays in the position people are in when they have pain, but we can’t.
  • Most people have a problem on an MRI or x-ray even if they don’t have pain.
  • People who avoid surgery and heal naturally realize the limitations of x-rays and MRIs and they don’t rush into surgery based on what their x-ray or MRI shows.
  • Quick confession, I’m a physical therapist.
  • Second part of confession, having worked for local surgeons in the past, I have seen how the system works.
  • I want to give you a glimpse here.
  • A good friend and surgeon and I were talking about physical therapy and surgery. I was stressing the importance of physical therapy after surgery to help people recover best and showing new research how people were actually getting better without surgery.  His response was, “Look, I’m a surgeon, and surgeons think like this: If I have a hammer, then everyone has a nail.”
  • Surgeons know surgery (it is highly specialized).
  • That knowledge does not include the best ways and treatments to avoid surgery.
  • Certainly some people need surgery, but people who avoid surgery recognize this. There are those who have more knowledge and better knowledge on how to avoid surgery.
  • Here at Total Performance Physical Therapy, our back pain and sciatica specialists have a track record of helping even the toughest cases.
  • People who avoid surgery seek out the best experts in non-surgical care.
  • People who avoid surgery make the time to take care of their body. It is a top priority.
  • Work, housework, business, yard work, family activities and even television can make us busy. It is up to us to take care of the most important things.
  • Most people rate their own health as a top priority, yet as country, we have more sickness, obesity and chronic illness than ever before… and more television and smart phone usage (thank you, Facebook).
  • People who avoid surgery, focus on their health and do these 4 things:
  • Number 1: They get plenty of rest (at least 7 ½ hours a day).
  • Number 2: They minimize stress.
  • Number 3: They eat healthy.
  • Number 4: They get regular exercise (and avoid long periods of sitting).
  • People who avoid surgery search for answers. If several surgeons tell them that they need surgery, they keep looking for answers.  For more answers on back pain, click here.
  • They read. They watch videos.  They find other who have avoided surgery and do what they did.
  • They don’t wait and blindly listen to the surgeon like the rest of the world, like blind cattle.
  • They act now.
  • I have had the privilege to help thousands of back pain and sciatica sufferers and many memorable (like Patty the mother of 4 who was unable to lift her children – had gone to 3 other physical therapy places and had 4 opionins by different surgeons and within 2 visits at Total Performance Physical Therapy had 95% relief and was able to lift her 2 year old for the first time in 6 months!)
  • Here is one of my favorite stories: It is of Sean Wismer…from Dubai (yes that Dubai in the United Arab Emerites who flew all the way to Total Performance Physical Therapy to have his back fixed and we did it within the matter of 2 weeks!)
  • See if you can pick up each of the 5 secrets to avoid back surgery in his story…

                                    Sean’s story:

  • Had back pain for years.
  • I have seen 2 orthopedic surgeons… 2 recommended surgery.
  • Started using pain killers… for the first time in my life.
  • Started doing research on the Internet.
  • Wanted to know if there was something else out there other than pain pills, and I’m trying to figure out what to do to get relief.
  • Found the Total Performance Physical Therapy blog and You Tube channel.
  • Went through the videos that they had online to help diagnose my problem and exercises to do right at home and found that it worked, it started to reduce the pain!
  • We emailed back and forth and next thing he was on the plane to North Wales, PA.
  • After 2 visits there was 90% reduction in pain.
  • After 6 visits, treadmill running.
  • After 8 visits – complete relief.
  • “I had been told 5 years ago to stop running. It was my life, my outlet but I was unable to do it anymore.  Doctors were pushing for surgery but couldn’t guarantee me with surgery that I would run again.  I went to so many specialists.  I paid $10,000 cash to go to a spine specialty center.  Then I found Total Performance.  I spoke with Heather for awhile, drove her crazy but in the end she sounded like she could help me.  I never thought that that meant that she could get me to run again, I just thought I could walk and work and travel and do normal life stuff without pain.  Then within 2 weeks of our first meeting I was on the treadmill.  I never dreamed that walking pain free was ever in my future let alone running.  Anyone with back pain needs to come to Total Performance.”  Sean Wismer

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