5 Ways Aquatic Therapy Helps Women During Pregnancy

Did you know aquatic physical therapy can help make exercise during pregnancy less stressful? Have you noticed your exercises on land are too painful on the joints now that you\’re pregnant? At Total Performance, our team of therapists uses the healing properties of water to help our pregnant patients get relief and improve their function throughout their pregnancy!

For some women, as they progress into the second and third trimesters, the physical toll of being pregnant can make it hard to do their usual activities. Fortunately, aquatic therapy is an excellent solution to help exercise throughout your pregnancy and avoid extra strain on your joints.

Water\’s natural properties will help support you while exercising in the pool. This makes staying physically active less dangerous and more manageable than working on land and against gravity.

At Total Performance, our physical therapists can guide you through an aquatic exercise program to help alleviate any pain you may have while improving your strength and overall fitness!

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What makes aquatic therapy effective during pregnancy

Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy that uses the benefits of water as part of a therapeutic intervention to help alleviate pain and provide a safe environment for strength and fitness activities.

At Total Performance, all exercises in our pool are performed under the direction of a licensed physical therapist trained to use the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance.

Water\’s natural properties are an effective way to exercise safely without provoking pain or stressing the joints due to gravity. We can challenge your body simply by increasing the surface area of your body through the use of paddles, noodles, and kickboards.

In addition, your therapist can change the intensity of your exercises by manipulating the currents in the water. For example, currents moving in the same direction as a person\’s body will make it easier to perform. Creating a current in the opposite direction or a turbulent flow will make it harder to move through the water, thereby making the exercise more challenging.

At Total Performance, our physical therapists are highly trained to use buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, and the natural resistance inherent in water to design aquatic-based exercises that are safe and effective for women, no matter what trimester they are in.

Our patients find exercising in the pool fun to safely achieve their rehabilitation goals while maintaining or improving overall fitness without the added burden of exercising on land.

Aquatic therapy is an effective way to improve and maintain your overall health by addressing the five following factors:

  • Sore muscles from carrying the baby
  • Joint pains due to hormonal changes and from carrying a growing baby
  • Weaknesses due to the changes due to carrying the ever-growing baby
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Relaxation and stress management

Water\’s buoyant properties help support you, leading to weight offloading and reducing pain in the affected joints. Buoyancy makes working out safer because your body is supported, and the deeper the water, the less strain on the body. This makes adjusting the joint strain far more manageable than on land.

No matter what your body may be experiencing during your pregnancy, our therapists will use the natural properties of water to effectively implement exercises to improve your function and help you exercise safely throughout your pregnancy.

What to expect at your Total Performance aquatic therapy sessions

You will be evaluated at your initial physical therapy appointment, and your physical therapists will discuss your treatment goals and care plan. We will start with a comprehensive evaluation and a movement assessment to identify all the factors contributing to any pain or injury you may be experiencing.

Our team will develop an individualized aquatic therapy program that includes targeted mobility work, strengthening, and other appropriate water-based techniques. Your Total Performance physical therapists utilize the natural properties of water to help you keep exercising throughout your pregnancy.

Aquatic therapy provides a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic alternative to reduce pain, gain strength, and help you tolerate exercise as you get closer to the delivery date!

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