Got shin splints? Physical therapy can help: A testimonial!

I am a 39-year old female who discovered running in the past few years. I first started to have symptoms with my right IT band and looked for a treatment on the internet. The IT band did resolve for a while but then I started with a shin split in my left leg. I went to a chiropractor who recommended rest, massage and laser as the treatment. When I started to run again, I began having pain in my shin again but this led me to Dr. Heather Moore in June 2012.  Dr. Moore\’s office is beautiful, clean, comfortable and well organized.

After my evaluation, it was refreshing to finally find the answer to why I was having these injuries while running. Dr. Moore determined my hips were weak and I was having compensation injuries. From the beginning, I was given individual attention rather than feeling like I was just one the many patients that day or time. My goal was to be running again for a 1/2 marathon on September. I started with strengthening exercises and took a break from running. Dr. Moore worked with me to determine a schedule to ease me back to running. I was happy to have her pacing my return running because I would have rushed it!

As a result of Dr. Moore\’s work with me, I was able to complete the Rock n\’ Roll 1/2 marathon with a personal record!

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