Kinesiotaping – What is it?

With the upcoming Olympics many of you will see brightly colored tape worn by the athletes.


This tape was featured heavily in the Beijing Olympics and is expected to just as big a presence in these Olympics.  The tape you see is called Kinesiotape and it is worn not only by athletes but by all types of people in order to return to a pain free lifestyle.  I am certified in Kinesiotaping (KT) meaning that I have taken a specific number of classes, taken an exam and now help to teach the classes.  KT has become an important part in my treatment repertoire in that is aids in healing many injuries very quickly.

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But how does it work?  KT is designed to facilitate the body\’s natural healing process to prolong the benefits of therapy received in the clinic.  The tape targets different receptors within the somatosensory system, which helps to alleviate pain and drain fluid by microscopically lifting the skin.  This lifting forms space which allows for decreased inflammations.  The somatosensory system is made up of a bunch of different receptors which produce pain, temperature, joint position, and touch.  These receptors are found on the skin, muscle and many other places throughout the body.

The goal of KT is a number of things.  It can prolong the benefits gained in therapy long after you leave the clinic.  It is able to help re-educate the muscles on how they are supposed to be functioning.  Most people seek treatment due to muscle imbalances, the application of the tape will allow for the muscles to be retrained even when not specifically performing exercises.  It will also reduce pain and inflammation.   It will promote healing by increasing good circulation and help the body return to homeostasis.

The tape comes in many different colors and depending on what color your clinician has will depend on what is applied.  The tape is meant to be light and is supposed to help with movement so you should not feel restricted by it.  You are able to shower with it and perform activities as normal.  Once it begins to fall off then you can take it off but it should be able to stay on for a few days.

Physical therapy is meant to be used in conjunction with the taping as it will assist the muscles and joints to do what they are supposed to be doing.  The tape is supposed to be to maintain the benefits following physical therapy.

For more information you may to the official Kinesiotaping website by clicking here.

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