My knee hurts

You are here because your knee has begun to hurt.  It probably doesn\’t hurt all the time, in some cases it does, but in most cases you have started to notice that pain is occurring more often or maybe more intense.

Maybe you can\’t go up and down the stairs anymore without pain.  Maybe you just can go down the stairs without pain.  Your knee may only hurt when you run.

It may hurt after sitting for a long period of time.  Maybe your knee hurts when you walk or when you bend it.

Maybe you\’re considering an injection – and no they won\’t solve the problem.

Generally people think a few things when their knee begins to hurt:

  1. I\’m not going to the doctor because he is going to make me stop doing my activities.
  2. I\’m going to go to the doctor and get an injection and it will fix the pain.
  3. I know if I go and talk to anyone about my knee pain they are just going to tell me that I need a knee replacement so we are going to put that off as long as I can.
  4. If I just change how I run/go up the steps/go down the steps/take Advil/insert activity here, then it is fine and it doesn\’t hurt.

And you just spent time googling what to do when you knee hurts and you have come up with a hundred different things it could be.  Tendinitis, arthritis, crepidus, tracking problem, weakness, the suggestions were endless.

Understanding and treating your knee pain when it begins can prevent you from needing surgery or injections that do not work.  

It is important to understand why your knee hurts the minute it begins to hurt.  Now your knee pain is nothing to worry about and you should stop googling if any of these apply to you:

  1. This is the first time you have ever felt pain in your knee.  You have no recollection of your knee ever having pain or discomfort or stiffness before today.  There were never any twinges before, any pain with any activities.  If this is the case and your knee hurt today for the very first time ever then it is probably a fluke thing and it will go away and never return again.
  2. You had surgery on your knee within the last 2 weeks.  Knees can take weeks and months to return to normal, no matter how large or small the surgery was.  Knee pain is not uncommon following surgery and is to be expected.
  3. You had a hard workout in the last 48 hours where you did a lot of leg exercises.  There was no pain during the workout or immediately after the workout but a day or 2 later there is pain or discomfort.  If this workou was done over a week ago then you need to be concerned, this is not pain or soreness that is resulting from a workout.

If none of these situations are you then this article is not for you.

You need to continue reading this article if:



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