November 2016 Total Performance Featured Athlete – Bucks Mont Location

Why did you choose Total Performance for training?

Alyssa wanted to train to get better with her speed and agility with volleyball and track & field. She heard about Total Performance clubs in school and she thought it would be a good place to go.

Are you seeing improvements with your training?

Alyssa is seeing improvements with her training. She feels like she is a lot faster on the volleyball court and can jump higher.

Can you tell us a little about your Ice Hockey career?

Alyssa has been a volleyball player for about 5 years. She played in various clubs and just started to play high school volleyball as she is a freshman this year. Alyssa has try outs this Sunday (GOOD LUCK ALYSSA!)

What is your dream?

Alyssa would like to play high level sports in college such as Division 1 or Division 2. She prefers volleyball but if another sports come her way, she will go for it.

What do you do for fun outside of training at Total Performance?

Alyssa plays both club and school volleyball outside of Total Performance. She participates in her schools play and is part of the robotics and forensics team at her school

What are your Halloween plans?

Alyssa\’s plans are to go up to her grandmother\’s in New Jersey, seeing her and her little cousins, and having Thanksgiving dinner there. Alyssa\’s sister is also coming home from college and they are going to see the movie Doctor Strange together. Her favorite food is bread and butter.


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