October 2016

Meet Jennifer! 

What made you choose Total Performance for therapy?

Jennifer\’s friend told her about Total Performance Physical Therapy and she decided to check it out. She has been a patient for 12 months. She also really likes that it is close to her house.

Are you seeing improvements with your therapy?

Jennifer is seeing improvements with her therapy. She was finally able to run for the time since she had her surgery in May.

What is your favorite part about doing physical therapy at Total Performance?

Jennifer really likes that Dr. Heather, Dr. Lindsey, and Dr .Dan keep it real with her and did not sugar coat anything. They were honest with her that it will take time for her to heal with her therapy.

What do you do for fun when you are not at Total Performance?

Jennifer has a son who likes to play Pokemon Go, so they both go to different places in the Tri-State area to try and catch them all!

Do you have any Halloween plans?

Jennifer has dressed up every year, and this year is no different. She is going to keep her costume classy!


We’re Hiring!
We Have an Immediate Opening for a Physical Therapist in Harleysville. Resumes Can Be Sent to linda@totalperformancept.com

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