Why am I getting dizzy?

Why am I getting lightheaded and dizzy when I’m exercising these days?

With the July months peaking up in the high 90’s, it is important that we know exactly what we need to do in these hot temperatures, especially as the summer starts to average in the 90s and even hit the 100 degree marker!  But being lightheaded and dizzy is nothing to ignore, it can be signs of something as fixable as dehydration or something more complex coming from your neck.

How much do you recommend when I’m outside?

In general, the studies show that individuals should drink ½ to 1 ounce of water per body weight. For example, if an individual is 150 lbs., they would drink 75 oz – 150 oz. of water a day. These demands can change depending on the individual’s size, shape, and demand. What do I mean by demand? If you are someone who stays in the house all day versus someone who is constantly outside fighting this hot weather who is going to need more water? Probably the one who is fighting to keep themselves from being dehydrated since they are sweating all day!

That’s great that I get to be hydrated but sometimes it’s just too hot.

Something to consider is your environment. If you are on the tennis court or soccer field for 3-4 hours because you’re at practice or you are out on the field cheering on your children, why not use your environment to your advantage! Try wearing a hat to prevent excessive sunlight from hitting you and causing excessive sweat. You can also go into the shade, such as under a tree, for about 5-10 minutes every 20 minutes you are outside to cool-off. After all, our body needs a balance and can’t keep up with the demands of being constantly outside without shade and water.

I’m in the shade and I’m drinking water but sometimes that is just not enough!
In that case, you may want to pick up coconut water or Gatorade! Despite how much people talk about how much sugar Gatorade has, there’s a reason athletes use it! It’s very important for athletes to consume sugars to keep their energy levels but also to maintain the amount of water that is in their body! By drinking electrolytes, minerals that retain water, it can keep you hydrated for longer. With the combination of finding shade, drinking water, and supplementing with drinks that are filled with electrolytes, you should be set for the hotter seasons of summer. Whether you are out on the field with your kids or out to play sports yourself, follow these tips for a successful summer!

I don’t sweat, is there a problem with me?

Not everyone sweats as much as each other. We are all created differently and uniquely! With that in mind, do not dismiss the fact you are not sweating. Sometimes, our body is telling us that there is no fluid to sweat out which means that this is a sign that we are dehydrated. In this case, feel free to drink more water to prevent episodes of lightheadedness or dizziness. Something that may even help to cool the body is taking a towel, put some water from the cooler on it and place it overhead to prevent overheating of the body. If you’d like more information, feel free to discuss this issue with your medical doctor to see signs and symptoms of dehydration versus naturally not sweating enough.

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