October 2016 Total Performance Featured Athlete – Bucks Mont Location

October 2016

Meet Alex!

Why did you choose Total Performance for training?

Alex chose Total Performance for his training because his mother is in the psychical therapy program and recommended him. She recommended that he should try Total Performance because they do not use conventional methods for their training.

Are you seeing improvements with your training?

Alex is seeing improvements in his triangle via strength-wise and cardio vascular-wise.

Can you tell us a little about your Ice Hockey career?

Alex has been playing Ice Hockey for 13 years now and actually started to play in Arizona, believe it or not.  He moved here and got into some really good leagues and maxed out at junior professional level. He currently is a senior in high school and is continuing to play Ice Hockey.

What is your dream?

Alex\’s overall dream is to be happy, but he does want to become a psychologist  when he becomes older.

What do you do for fun outside of training at Total Performance?

Alex is an outdoors and nature type of person. He likes to hike and be outside.

What are your Halloween plans?

Alex has hockey practice, but to make it fun they dress up in Halloween costumes for practice.


We’re Hiring!
We Have an Immediate Opening for a Physical Therapist in Harleysville. Resumes Can Be Sent to linda@totalperformancept.com

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