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In pain and don’t understand why?  Normally live an active lifestyle, but now have to slow down due to this discomfort?  Feeling extreme pain in certain muscles of your body, but cant quite place your finger on it?  When will it all end?  The pain you maybe feeling, can be attributed to little nodules in your muscle that you have developed.  Have no fear, a cure is here. These nodules or bumps are called trigger points and you should consult a physical therapist to help in the alleviation of this problem.

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are tight band/section of skeletal muscle fibers that are hypersensitive to touch and deep palpation.  These trigger points cause intermittent pain that may radiate to another area or stay localized.   There are approximately 620 trigger points in the human body that can be classified as either, active and latent.  Active is when pain is referred either locally or to another location.  Latent is a trigger point that is not referred, but may be exacerbated by pressure to the muscle.

How is it caused?

Trigger points are normally caused by an overloading of muscle (in activities such as weight lifting, running, or other strenuous activities), trauma, infection, smoking, and radiculopathy.  Repetitive and overcompensated movements may also be a contributing factor to the development of trigger points.  Trigger points can only be found in muscle tissue where there is a small contraction, which can a pull on the tendon attached to the joint and resulting in pain at the joint.  There may be weakness associated with these painful muscles.


Dr. Heather Moore’s extensive experience in examination and evaluation techniques of trigger points allow her to look for the specific signs/symptoms, pain patterns, and negative tests through palpation.  These trigger points could feel like a hard nodule or bump in your muscle.  When pressing on this nodule, you will feel pain, which may often cause a twitch response in that muscle.  MRIs can also be used in the diagnosis of a trigger point, showing an area of muscle tissue that is tighter than the surrounding muscle fibers.


Soft and Deep tissue massage, pulsed ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ischemic compression, spray and stretch air coolant, Low light laser therapy, and stretching are various methods of treatment used at Total Performance Physical Therapy.  Utilizing the “Atomic Elbow,” as quoted by her patients, Dr. Moore chooses deep tissue massage and ischemic compression as her preferred method of treatment.  From her many years of experience, this has been efficient and effective in her efforts to rehabilitate her patients back to a pain free level of function.  Once this pain has been diminished and there is a decreased number of trigger points that have been identified in the muscle tissue, strengthening, endurance, and range of motion exercises will be progressed in order to achieve the patients goals for their recovery.

Don’t be afraid!

Bruising and soreness is normal for a few days after treatment.


Dr. Heather Moore loves this product, not only is she a fan of using this treatment with her patients, but she uses it on herself to relieve TPs and pain levels.  All types, shapes, and sizes can be found at Total Performance Physical Therapy in North Wales during therapy or for purchase. #tppt

Rest- Ice, Ice, and Ice

Since we are not naive and understand that people have a hard time letting go of the activity that ultimately cause them this discomfort, we educate patients on the need to slow down activity level to a minimum allowing proper healing, relaxation of muscle tissue, and pain relief.  Icing the area post activity and throughout the day is imperative to decrease of inflammation and decrease pain, which ill be so vital to a better prognosis in your recovery.  Slowly as physical therapy begins and continues to work, activity modifications and intervention progressions will be made by your therapist to allow for a return to running and activities that you enjoy doing before feeling these debilitating pain.

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