Resting a running injury is not always the best

Imagine this, you’re out for a run and you feel some pain.   This pain can be anywhere, in your ankle or your knee or your hip.  You run a couple of miles and the pain goes away.  Then you try running again the next day, the same pain comes back but seems to disappear again.  You think you are winning the battle, you think that you have no pain and it just takes running a few miles before you are able to get rid of it.


You didn’t get rid of the pain.  You didn’t fix anything.  You compensated for it.  You changed the way you ran.  No you didn’t realize that you were doing it, the body is an amazing machine.  In fact, you made the pain worse by thinking it just disappeared.  What happens is your foot will change how it strikes the ground, which will change the position of the knee and the hip and the low back and so on and so forth.  And now every time you run, you are changing your body, changing the muscles.

Eventually, the pain comes back and now it is worse and it won’t go away.

So you try resting now because it hurt too much to run.  2 weeks, 4 weeks, you just sit out until you can jog a few steps without pain.  Then you try running again, thinking you fixed it because you rested it.  But then a few weeks later it comes back.  And it’s worse.

We see so many runners that find themselves in this loop.

If you have pain with running – the worst thing you can do is rest.

While resting feels great, it does not solve the problem.  It takes away the inflammation but it doesn’t fix anything.  Unless you suffer a trauma, like a sprained ankle, we never advise rest for an injury.

Most pain is caused from muscle imbalances.

So what the heck is that?

When you feel pain and you start to compensate, you use muscles differently.  These muscles are not supposed to be used like this.  So they get tight, they develop knots or trigger points.  These trigger points are what is causing you pain.  Unless these trigger points are eliminated and the strengthened to function properly, the pain will continue to reoccur.  Until you can’t run anymore.

Can you help me?


We are going to give you some of the tools for FREE that we use every day in the clinic to get people back to running pain free.  These tools are proven methods that work.

Jan S. said, “I had been told by more than 1 doctor that I had to stop running.  I came here did the foam rolling program, and worked with you and now I am on my 6th half marathon since I was told by others that I would never run again.”

If you feel pain when you run, you need to begin foam rolling.  And we are going to give you our complete foam rolling guide for FREE.  Foam rolling can and should be done every day.  It should be done with a spike foam roller to get the most benefit.


Using this every day is what every runner we treat gets and does.  This will help resolve the trigger points in your muscles and allow you to run pain free without having to stop.  Without having you miss that race.

Don’t feel comfortable doing that?  Then CLICK HERE for your FREE running evaluations at one of our offices and find out exactly what is causing you pain.

Don’t miss another day running because of pain!  Get started today!


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