Are Clarks dress shoes bad for you?

Men’s dress shoes may look nice but they may also be causing your foot, knee, hip, or back pain. Many dress shoes do not have the proper arch support needed to maintain your arches as well as enough cushion to help absorb shock from daily walking. In addition, many dress shoes have a small toe box that does not allow for adequate space for your feet to be positioned correctly as well as the shoe itself being too rigid and does not allow for proper foot and ankle motion. When your shoes do not have these key features, your foot may not be positioned correctly and this can affect your legs and back, causing pain. Brands such as Clarks and Aldo have very rigid shoes and do not have adequate arch support or cushioning. When your shoes have a narrow toe box and no arch support, your foot position changes, which will ultimately affect the way your leg is positioned when you walk. This in turn may cause unwanted pain. When looking for a dress shoe, it is important to assess the shoe for these key features: arch support, cushioning, wide toe box, and a flexible but firm shoe. It may also be wise to wear your shoes around the house at first to see if they fit and are comfortable. If they are not comfortable, they may not be the appropriate shoes and searching for a different shoe may be necessary. Brands Mephisto have all of the features that make a good shoe and can help reduce or rid any pain you may be experiencing as well as preventing pain. It is also important to note that with a good shoe also comes a higher price.  Mephisto shoes are very well made but generally much more expensive.  However, they do last a long time and putting a price on your back, knee and overall health is not something that can be done.  Your physical therapist will also have some pointers about which shoes are better than others as well as which brands have good features to help reduce pain.  For more information on shoe fitting and physical therapy services visit


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