Simple Steps to Improve Balance and Reduce Your Fall Risks

Have you noticed you don\’t feel as steady on your feet as you used to? Are you worried about falling? Our team provides comprehensive physical therapy treatments at Total Performance, including balance and fall prevention programs to address your concerns and help you find your footing again!

Muscle weakness and reduced physical fitness are two of the most common risk factors for falling. You should live out your golden years through an active lifestyle with friends, loved ones, and family – the way you imagined your retirement. We also know that physical limitations can get in the way of that.

Exercise programs designed to prevent falls in older adults also prevent injuries caused by falls, including the most severe ones. Our team of physical therapists provides you with programs tailored to meet your needs and abilities.

Contact Total Performance today to request an appointment and learn how we can assess your balance and reduce your risk of falling so you can maintain your active lifestyle!

Ways to make sure your home is safe

Are you looking for tips on how to make your home safer? A proactive approach will reduce the risk of falling and keep you safe around your home. Our Total Performance physical therapists understand the restrictions and limitations in the body that can affect your balance and safety. In addition, we can guide ways to ensure your environment is safe!

Here are some simple steps you can take to make your home safer and reduce your risk of falling:

  • Make sure your house is tidy: Clean up books, papers, clothes, and shoes on the floor or stairs. Too often, a minor obstacle leads to a trip and fall.
  • Remove throw rugs or small area rugs: Make sure your carpets are fixed firmly to the floor, so they won\’t slip. Put no-slip strips on tile and wooden floors.
  • Make sure there is good lighting: Proper lighting and easy-to-find light switches at the top and bottom of stairs and on each end of a long hall can ensure your safety.
  • Have handrails on stairs and in bathrooms: More importantly, use them! Hold the handrails when you go up or down the stairs or to get in and out of the tub/shower.

Once you have considered the environment of your home, make sure you also address the individual living there, you! The safety of your home also depends on the decisions you make. It can be hard to admit that you can no longer perform as you once did.

Too often, people will overestimate their ability and put themselves in harm\’s way. Fortunately, our Total Performance physical therapists can guide you through activities and tips to make your home safer so you can reduce your risk of falling! For example, do not climb up on a chair to clean something high, and be careful on wet surfaces, whether bathing or cleaning.

How physical therapy can help

Falls are a significant concern for seniors. Even without an injury, a fall can cause a loss of confidence and reduced activities. Sustaining a fall can even contribute to future falls. It is estimated that six of every ten falls happen in or around the home. Too often, we need to pay more attention to simple changes because we are used to moving around without thinking about our safety.

A comprehensive assessment is the most effective way to determine your risk of falling. A clinical examination conducted by our team of physical therapists can determine what factors may or may not be contributing to your fall risk.

At Total Performance, our initial assessment may consist of a multifactorial approach. A comprehensive clinical risk assessment usually consists of the following:

  • A review of fall history
  • An examination of gait, balance, mobility, and muscle weakness
  • An assessment of perceived functional ability and fear of falling
  • Assessment of visual impairment and effects of corrective eyewear
  • Home hazards/environment assessment
  • A cardiovascular exam including resting heart rate checks, active heart rate check
  • A medication review

You\’ll receive customized treatments by our physical therapists designed to prevent falls. Our physical therapy-directed exercise programs can reduce the incidence of falls by a significant amount and are especially effective when they incorporate elements of balance, gait, coordination, and strength training.

Our team of physical therapists is skilled at identifying your risks and providing the proper guidance for improved balance and gait and reducing your risk of falling.

Request an appointment at Total Performance today!

If you have suffered from a fall, or are worried that you may be at risk of falling, call Total Performance today!

Our team of physical therapists will provide you with the guidance you need to regain your footing!


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